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The Evolution of The Champion City Fire

The Champion City Fire is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience during the downtime. In order to keep you interested in this site, I've decided to give a history of The Champion City Fire

Let's begin with the title. I began working on the comic book during the end of 2003 and all of my ideas were kept in a notebook. The working title was The Champion City Fire but the original plot is much different than the first issue. The story takes place in the fictional town of New Ravenwood, Ohio, which is a mythological town that is known as 'The Champion City' due to a reputation of producing stellar athletes.

The fire portion of the title will remain a secret for now because I do not want to give away anything concerning the plot, but stick with us, folks.

When I began working on the comic book with Joseph Haemmerle, we waited until we had the first five pages completed before we collaborated on the cover. I presented Joseph (let's call him Joe from now on) …

Champion City Fire - Issue #1 - Pages 1 to 5



You may have stumbled across this page in hopes of discovering a cool blog dedicated to comic books, graphic novels, movies about comic books and graphic novels, and everything in between. Champion City Comics is a site that will showcase The Champion City Fire, an online comic book written by TonyDoug Wright featuring the artwork and lettering of Joseph Haemmerle.The Champion City Fire is a cops and robbers tale set in a mythological Midwestern metropolis with a dash of the hardboiled detective novel and a slight dose of science fiction. It's gritty, it's dark, and in my opinion, it's a damn good comic book. Six years ago, I decided to write a comic book and my wife (who was engaged to me at the time) was very excited about the idea. I'm lucky to have met a woman that loves video games and comic books. I began writing down ideas in a notebook and a few days (or weeks) later, I reviewed what I had written earlier and I thought to myself, "Wow, this really sucks&q…