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Champion City Fire - Issue #1 - Pages 1 to 5



You may have stumbled across this page in hopes of discovering a cool blog dedicated to comic books, graphic novels, movies about comic books and graphic novels, and everything in between. Champion City Comics is a site that will showcase The Champion City Fire, an online comic book written by TonyDoug Wright featuring the artwork and lettering of Joseph Haemmerle.The Champion City Fire is a cops and robbers tale set in a mythological Midwestern metropolis with a dash of the hardboiled detective novel and a slight dose of science fiction. It's gritty, it's dark, and in my opinion, it's a damn good comic book. Six years ago, I decided to write a comic book and my wife (who was engaged to me at the time) was very excited about the idea. I'm lucky to have met a woman that loves video games and comic books. I began writing down ideas in a notebook and a few days (or weeks) later, I reviewed what I had written earlier and I thought to myself, "Wow, this really sucks&q…