Monday, November 14, 2011


DC Comics

Written by Scott Lobdell

Art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean

Considering my distaste for the current running Superman issues that apparently have more fans than Justin Bieber, I'll admit, and concede defeat when it comes to Superboy. Hands down this is really fueling my nerd ego. Superboy, a title they have made no quips about, is relaunched. It has to be, I mean, in issue one he's in a lab being incubated for the wrath of Khan! But at least for the sake of continuity we know he's the clone of Lex and Kal-El, and at least at this point, that hasn't changed. I can deal with that, but when you tell me this is not a relaunch and expect me to think this Superman is the same one that had issues with curing cancer, then I pardon my Assholiosis. (See Action Comics #3 review for definition).

First, I freaking love, LOVE, the new costume. It's all black (always in fashion at Old Navy) and has glowing power lines that just look freaking sweet. In issue #2 Superboy blew up a prison so I was stoked to get issue #3 only to find that when I opened to page one, there's two homicidal Twilight wannabees killing people over a pack of Skittles which still makes no sense as of now why this was even in this issue.

I understand the strategy though, but it's just not working. Robert Kirkman was able to pull it off exquisitely in Invincible, where we would be reading and all of the sudden his ADHD would kick in and we would be reading about a random character that would be hit later. This is a writing style I have found myself attempting to emulate, but with all the background, and catching up we are doing, I'm not sure it was the right time to be doing this in this case.

Superboy's powers are starting to get more and more exotic, his mind is not so much left to just his head, his entire body is akin to a brain and his telekinesis works appropriately to said brainpower. It's obvious they are going to explore his powers more because in the opening pages Conner is at the Earth's core floating in lava. While swimming, he notices the pain of the heat from a rock he used to pull himself out, explaining that his powers work in conjunction with his awareness. Interesting ability.

We also discover that Rose knows a secret about Red, or Caitlin Fairchild of Gen13. Yes that's right, if you haven’t been reading the boards, or pieced it together, Red is the newest incarnation of Caitlin Faichild in Gen13 and it's official at the end of the issue and the hot little number she's wearing under her clothes as seen here.

DC Comics

Focus on the color of the bra, not the fact that she's pinching her left nipple.

There a lot going on in these 3 issues so far, and I actually enjoy reading it, I guess I've been a big fan of Connors for some time since his emergence in “Reign of the Supermen” I like the direction they are going in this reboot of the character. It also doesn't hurt to have a really sweet looking suit.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

Bret Kinsey is a contributing writer to Champion City Comics, in his off time he specializes in Tomfoolery and Gynecology.

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