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 From 1989 until 1997 I worked in a couple of restaurants as a bus boy, dishwasher, waiter, cashier, short order cook, and prep cook. It was a thankless experience that provided minimal joy, but what kept my sanity was my fellow coworkers who understood the frustration of the third ring of hell also known as service industry. To those of you who have served or are serving, then I feel your pain. God bless you.

From 2010 to 2011 there was a webcomic out there that delivered a wonderful dose of humor to the world of restaurant work. Sock Puppet Army by Nick Hamilton was created in his Russian Literature class in 2005 and five years later became a regular webcomic that followed the daily adventures of a group of mostly twenty-something workers at a chain restaurant. The main character is Jack, a recent college graduate that could only find work in the restaurant industry. His fellow coworkers include Chris (a guru of sorts that's a bartender), Ryan (the angry and barely sober thirty-something server), Meaghan (the feisty trainer), and Ian (the dim-witted server/bartender). The staff must deal with bitchy customers, underage hostesses, and a head chef with a drill sergeant's attitude. Sock Puppet Army was updated on a weekly basis and each new webcomic featured commentary from Nick Hamilton about the restaurant industry or life in general. There was also a forum where current and former restaurant employees shared their tales of horror.

At this time, the webcomic is listed as updated 'now and then' and I hope this article motivates Nick to get this webcomic up and running again because it was fantastic. If not then let me crack open a 40 for my fallen webcomic homey. Respect, yo.

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