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Welcome to part two of the 2012 draft. We are now going to review selections #6 to #10, and if you missed part one of the draft, then go here and see our first five selections.

Remember, I am selecting a superhero than can put an end to crime in their city and can also be a major asset as their alter ego. The right person has to be drafted and all decisions are based on a variety of factors including geographical location, overall crime issues, education, specific social problems, the history of the city, and any interesting pop culture facts. Enjoy.

Selection #6 - Oakland, California

Superhero drafted: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

What the draft experts predicted: Aquaman

Overview: Citizens of Oakland, you should be pleased to know that I am making a great draft selection for your city that has a crime rate per 100,000 that is nearly triple the national average. If Al Davis were still alive then he'd draft The Flash purely based on his 40-yard dash time at the combine. If Billy Beane were making the selection, then you'd be given some B-list hero like ROM the SpaceKnight due to his sabermetrics score. My choice is Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Why? Hello?! Oakland is perfect for the Coast City, California superhero who can fight crime and stop any possible alien invasions. Green Lantern would be an asset to the Bay Area during major earthquakes because that little green ring can do some wonderful things, so recognize. Now the so-called draft experts would want Aquaman for this job, but this is Hal Jordan's backyard.Why do I have a feeling that Geoff Johns is meeting with DC executives to create The West Coast Justice League with Green Lantern, The Flash, and Aquaman? 

Selection #7 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Superhero drafted: Wonder Woman

What the experts predicted: Bibleman

Overview: Hear me out on this draft selection. Little Rock has a forcible rape statistic per 100,000 that is double that national average. Homey don't play that. If we're going to stop this problem of forcible rape then we need the best problem solver on the draft board. My pick is Wonder Woman. You might disagree because the Bible Belt won't go for an Amazon who hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. Sometimes you need an outsider to get the job done. Sorry, Bibleman, but William Jefferson Clinton likes his crime fighters with curves and breasts.

Selection #8 - Baltimore, Maryland

Superhero drafted: Captain America

What the experts predicted: Spider-Man

Overview: It's time for me to give a city Captain America as their draft pick. He works for Baltimore because we have a great history with the era of the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812. Hey, the "Star Spangled Banner" was written during the Battle of Baltimore. Now, Baltimore has a murder rate per 100,000 that is four times the national average and perhaps Cap could work with the likes of Omar Little and Detective Jimmy McNulty to stop Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield from droppin' bodies in West Baltimore. Baltimore would have been a good choice for Spider-Man, but Captain America has the edge on the city's history and on the proximity to Washington, DC.

Selection #9 - Rockford, Illinois

Superhero drafted: Spider-Man

What the experts predicted: Hawkeye

Overview: Rockford like Little Rock has double the number of forcible rapes per 100,000 and also has a staggering rate of robberies. This city needs the best player on the board to crush violent crime. Spider-Man is definitely the right selection for the Midwestern city that is in close proximity to Chicago. Spidey has been passed up by too many cities, so this seems to be the best fit. The draft experts were thinking this could be Hawkeye's landing spot, but Rockford has landed their friendly neighborhood kind of guy.      

Selection #10 - Stockton, California

Superhero drafted: The Punisher

What the experts predicted: The Incredible Hulk

Overview: Stockton has been a problematic area for drug cartels from Mexico and the Pacific Northwest. You need someone to get in, take care of business, and get out. This is going to be a job for The Punisher. Fans will debate if this guy truly lives up to the standards of a superhero because he kills villains. However, the draft experts thought this would be a good location for The Incredible Hulk. In this case, we'll need covert finesse over total destruction.

On Wednesday, we will reveal selections #11 to #15. Stay tuned!

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. His webcomics include Dr Death vs The Zombie, The Red Devil , and Day 165.

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