Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The End of Paradise

Writer: TonyDoug Wright

Pencils, Inks, and Lettering: A. 'Kav' Kaviraj

Synopsis: Nick Hamilton, a former small-time criminal, is on a serious revenge mission to kill Frankie Paradise, a notorious mob boss responsible for the death of an innocent man and his family. Joining Nick on his mission is Marshall Jackson, a weapons dealer, and The Kid, a teenage prophet and gun for hire. Nick, Marshall, and The Kid must take out Paradise's henchmen in order to get to their main target, Frankie Paradise.

Webcomicography is a weekly article from Champion City Comics that goes behind the scenes of our webcomics to give you the complete story. Today is a review of page 36 from The End of Paradise. Diod you miss the last article? Click here to read. Also, click here to see our past articles for this webcomic.

My apologies for the long delay, but Webcomicography is back. Let's take a look at page 36 below:


Nick and Marshall have met up with a former colleague, Walt Fenderson to get some information on the hiding places for Sato Akio or Frankie Paradise. Walt, like Nick and Marshall, worked for Paradise, so there is that common bond for these characters. I wanted to add an ally for this journey, but had no idea how Walt's character would blossom. He really developed into an old-school tough guy that was modeled after actor Sam Elliott.

Comic book writing rookies, take a look at this page and the following pages with Walt Fenderson. Walt is introduced, but the dialogue is natural and doesn't contain expositional dialogue. It is important for characters to engage in conversations that move the story forward and not give the reader an unnecessary history lesson. Expositional dialogue happens to the best of us, and all it takes is a little bit of script polish to clean up that mess.

On Thursday, we will review page 37 of The End of Paradise. Want to read the entire webcomic? Click here and enjoy the story.

Tony Doug Wright is the owner and head writer at Champion City Comics. His works include The End of Paradise, The Red Devil, Dr. Death vs The Zombie, and Day 165.

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