Monday, December 30, 2013


Champion City Comics artist and comic book guru, Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj, enjoys reading comic books from the Silver Age of Comics. He loves to share some of the craziest panels ever developed for comics. Today, he has found some amazing panels from Journey Into Mystery #87 which is titled 'Prisoner of the Reds'. Stan Lee was the writer and Jack Kirby did the pencils. 

Journey Into Mystery #87 was the fifth Thor comic, and we have this scene where Thor, instead of just busting out of prison with his hammer, spins around to create 'shock waves'.

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The commies think he might be one of them since he carries a HAMMER. Then, Thor exhibits a new power where he creates blinding sparks from rubbing his hammer. Stan Lee used to give his characters one-time powers like this all the time, but DC Comics never did this because they gave someone a certain set of powers, and stuck with it.

Also from Journey Into Mystery #87 comes this panel where a scientist claims that Thor's tunneling prowess is 'scientifically impossible!'. Dude, if you want scientifically possible, you're in the wrong comic book.

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  1. Well, DC would also give their characters new powers all the time. I've heard of a one-time power of Superman's: the ability to stretch his skin to assume the guise of someone else (he can shapeshift!). Plus, he got a new power, which was hyped up on the cover of one, to shoot rainbows out of his fingers, which created a miniature version of himself that had all his powers, but while mini-Superman was running around, regular Superman was powerless. Ah, the Silver Age.


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