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The History of Champion City Comics - Part VIII - Naira I & II

Naira was s science fiction series created by Victor Pozzi, the artist for Westwood. Victor pitched the story to me after we completed Westwood and he needed me to develop a script based on his ideas. I was very happy to assist Victor because he had developed an excellent story.  Naira is the tale of a science officer for an intergalactic agency that discovers a rare species of plant capable of curing many diseases on a planet that's in the middle of a major conflict between two tribes.

This is the first issue of Naira that we completed in 2010, which would later be published in an anthology from Twilight Star Studios.

Naira - Issue #1

We decided to create another version of Naira c.2014 that would be a weekly webcomic series at Tapastic. The project did not last long due to scheduling conflicts and commitments to other projects. We did introduce a new character and we added digital lettering.


There is a sequel to the first issue!

Naira 2

History of Champion City Comics - Part VII - Comic Book Reviews

I launched Champion City Comics in October of 2009 and we experienced only a handful of hits. Our webcomics production increased in 2010, which led to an estimated 300 to 800 monthly page views. Those numbers were low and discouraging because I was doing everything possible to promote our work via social media and by connecting with other webcomics creators in various forums. 
We had a great line of webcomics available, so I decided to add something else to Champion City Comics which would generate more traffic. Comic book reviews made the most sense because it was my thought that people could enjoy reading reviews of their favorite comics while discovering new and exciting webcomics.

If we were going to post comic book reviews on a daily basis then people had to be recruited to write reviews. A few motivated souls accepted my invitation and we started updating the site on a daily basis with comic book reviews and some other comic related articles that would bring in traffic. The gam…

The History of Champion City Comics - Part VI - ...And We Formed A Band

This is the first Champion City Comics project that was - and still is - trapped in development hell. Creators of comic books and webcomics all have special projects that seem destined for greatness, but they somehow never blossomed. ..And We Formed A Band was my first of many development hell projects.

Writers are told to write what they know, and I know a thing or two about rock and roll and forming bands. Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and a goal I set for myself in college was to form a band. There were some unsuccessful attempts, but I finally struck gold following graduation and successfully formed a band. We were together for about a year and half. I had to quit the band when I was hired for a job in another state.

...And We Formed A Band was my first attempt at doing a webcomics project that didn't involve crime noir or science fiction. It was a story about two friends that attempt to fulfill their dreams of starting a band, but there are a series of …

The History of Champion City Comics - Part V - Westwood

Westwood was our third webcomics project at Champion City Comics and it debuted sometime in 2010. I was the writer and the pencils, inks, and lettering were done by Victor Pozzi, an Argentine artist. Westwood is a sci-fi thriller that examines the 2003 disappearance of a college student named Charlie Westwood. A photograph of Charlie Westwood is discovered and he's wearing the same clothing he wore the night he disappeared, but the photograph was taken in 1976, which leads to an investigation.
Victor Pozzi was interested in being the artist for The End of Paradise, but I had already selected an artist named Kav for the project. There was a great deal of potential in Victor's art samples, so I did my best to come up with a project for him. A few days after first contacting Victor, I had a rough draft for a story that would become Westwood.

Westwood was created out of my love for urban legends, secret societies, and time travel.

I grew up in Ohio and there was this urban legend t…

The History of Champion City Comics - Part IV - The End of Paradise

The End of Paradisewas a project I developed when The Champion City Fire came to a complete halt during the end of 2009. Joe Haemmerle, the artist for The Champion City Fire, was in college and didn't have time to work on the webcomic. I put that series on hold and decided to start another story which became The End of Paradise.

This was my first attempt at recruiting a total stranger to be my artist. I spent some time during the beginning of 2010 looking for an artist and discovered two talented artists, Kav and Victor Pozzi. I couldn't say yes to one and let the other one get away, so I created a project for each artist. Both are my friends to this very day, which is something truly wonderful and amazing. Their work for Champion City Comics has been wonderful and their work has truly progressed over the years.

Kav was the artist and letterer for The End of Paradise, a crime noir revenge tale. I discovered him via Digital Webbing and was impressed with his work. Kav's art…

The History of Champion City Comics - Part III - The Champion City Fire

The Champion City Firewas the first webcomic/comic book project for Champion City Comics. It was initially pitched to comic book publishers as the first of a six issue comic book run, but a lack of interest led us to the world of webcomics.

My interest in writing comic books started sometime in 2004 when I was reviewing comic books for Silver Bullet Comics (RIP) and Erasing Clouds. My reviews mainly focused on small independent companies and self-publishers. Some of the titles were amazing while others were so bad that I should have scanned them, created a PDF, titled the thing 'How Not To Write Comics', and uploaded it to Scribd for the world to read.

If you followed the Erasing Clouds link then you saw the title of my column was Champion City Comics. I was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, which was once referred to as "The Champion City" because it was the producer of the Champion Farm Equipment brand. Also, it works well for a comic book review article and it…

The History of Champion City Comics - Part II - Discovering Webcomicland

The original Champion City Comics logo designed by yours truly c.2009 using MS Paint. You're welcome, Internet. 

October 2015 marks the six year anniversary of Champion City Comics. I've decided to write some rambling pieces about our history, which I hope you find to be somewhat informative and not too terribly boring.

My thought process for starting a webcomics page six years ago was something along the lines of "If you build it, they will come". Yes, I was pretty clueless when it came to the concept of webcomics, website development, site promoting, search engine optimization, and everything else affiliated with the undertaking. It would have been helpful if the 2009 version of me realized that putting something online does not mean it will easily be discovered by the billions of people surfing the web.

Researching webcomics at the time was very interesting because some comic creators were predicting the impending death of printed comics. Some are still awaiting t…

The History of Champion City Comics - Part I - It's Terrible

"It's terrible" - Someone's opinion concerning our website c.2010
From late 2009 until early 2014 Champion City Comics experienced a creative period that I view to this day as tremendously successful. Opinions of our success will vary, but my overall assessment of our output is extremely positive and it happened because a group of enthusiastic people sacrificed time and money to create webcomics, comic books, articles, and reviews. Words cannot express my gratitude to the writers and artists and colorists and letterers that made us a great but very special community.

It was never supposed to be a community, but it happened. My Bob Ross opinion of it all was that it was a happy accident. Friendships were developed, bridges burned, and other shenanigans were experienced. My initial plan was to use Champion City Comics as a proverbial springboard which would send us into the world of comics as paid writers and artists. There was never a windfall of cash from publishing o…