Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Meet Tony Doug Wright at the Gem City Comic Con

Tony Doug Wright, the creator of Day 165 and co-author of The Chronicles of Doctor Death, will be at the Gem City Comic Con on Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th at the Dayton Convention Center. Meet him at the Source Point Press booth and grab a copy of his comic book and graphic novel. If you're interested in attending the convention then go to the Gem City Comic Con's site for ticket information. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Chronicles of Doctor Death (Preview)

The Chronicles of Doctor Death is a graphic novel from Source Point Press featuring two amazing superhero-horror-noir stories: Doctor Death vs The Vampire and Doctor Death vs The Zombie.

If you're a fan of The Watchmen and Dexter then you'll love this story of a vigilante superhero known only as Doctor Death. His super power allows him to scan people to see what's ailing them and what horrible secrets they have buried deep in their souls. Then there are times when Doctor Death detects vampires and zombies.

Take this opportunity to preview the first seven pages of the series by Tony Wright, Aaron Schutz, and A. Kaviraj.

Want to buy a copy of the graphic novel? It's available at Amazon, so click here to purchase!

Monday, October 8, 2018


Nine years ago, I launched Champion City Comics as a webcomics community. The goal was to assemble a talented group of people to develop original titles that would strengthen our professional portfolios. Some amazing and interesting people joined the ranks of Champion City Comics. Many left, but a few dedicated souls stuck around, and I'm still friends with those people today. Also, I'm  creating comics with some of those talented individuals, which is truly incredible.

Champion City Comics was created because I had this idea sometime in 2003 or 2004 to write comics. I emailed my cousin Joe Hammerle and we began work on a title called The Champion City Fire. It was a fun blend of crime noir and science fiction. The Champion City Fire followed time traveling vigilantes who have orders to kill a select group of criminals. Then there was the cops who investigated the murders, and there was this secret society, and crazy car salesman/prophet. This all sounded much cooler ten to twelve years ago.

The Champion City Fire was going to be a six issue mini series and our ticket to comic book fame. But life happens and the series ended up being an unfinished project by 2009, but not the last project I worked on with Joe.

I wanted people to see what I had started with Joe, and that's how I discovered the wonderful world of webcomics. There were a few people proclaiming that print was dead and digital was the future. It was easy to get your comics online and people were hungry for webcomics. That's what I heard back in the day. It's true. People don't lie on the internet, right?

October 2009 was our launch and it started with the Champion City Fire. Feel free to read our webcomic below. Have fun, and maybe I'll talk more about those crazy webcomics days.

- Tony Doug Wright
   Founder - Champion City Comics


Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Red Devil and The Curse of Tragg Magnar - A Webcomic Series

Who likes pulp comics or those awesome action and adventure packed comic strips?

We have a brand new Red Devil story for our fans. The Red Devil and The Curse of Tragg Magnar is an exciting new adventure for The Red Devil and Kid Diablo, agents of The Danger Bureau. Did you read the first series? If not, then click here to read the first episode of The Red Devil.

In this story, Red Devil and Kid Diablo must protect Dr. Khatria Durani who has knowledge of a weapon which will destroy the infamous demon named Methalius. The Red Devil and Kid Diablo must act quickly to stop two of Methalius' agents who are in pursuit of Durani.

Writer: TonyDoug Wright

Art and Lettering: Joe Haemmerle

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 165: A free preview

Please take the opportunity to preview the first four pages of Day 165 from Source Point Press. If your local retailer carries Source Point Press comics then grab a copy! If your local retailer doesn't have Source Point Press in stock then demand they order some of the best indie comics.

Day 165 is a war themed comic book series inspired by the Twilight Zone and War Stories where soldiers experience the unexplained during their 165th day of service. In the upcoming issue of Day 165, a group of British paratroopers will be lost behind enemy lines. Pvt. Donnie Smith is an avid comic book reader and wants to be more like his idol, Colonel Joe Monroe. Smith is under the supervision of Sgt. Freddie Hayes, who has nothing but disdain for comics. Both Smith and Hayes will be forced to confront enemies new and old.

Story: Tony Wright
Script: Frank T. Allen
Pencils, Inks, and Color: Joe Haemmerle
Letters: Magnus
Publisher: Source Point Press

Day 165 by Tony Wright on Scribd

Friday, February 24, 2017

Kav and Tony Break It Down: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #98

Kav and Tony are two webcomic collaborators and lifelong comic book fans having fun reviewing titles from the Golden and Silver Age of Comics. They know these comic books were published with a young audience in mind, but they couldn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of goofy covers, ridiculous plots, silly dialogue, and pseudo-scientific shenanigans.  

Kav: Back in the 60's DC did a survey and kids chose gorillas as their favorite cover feature, so they went way overboard on the gorilla covers. They popped up everywhere. Jimmy Olsen and the science fiction titles seem to have taken the brunt of the damage. Here we see the inevitable final result of this nonsense-Jimmy being forced to marry a gorilla by a Witch Doctor Superman. Many times where there was a gorilla, a witch doctor wasn't far behind. We see Jimmy's new wife already screaming at him about something. Get used to it buddy. Of course Lucy Lane has to be present whenever Jimmy is humiliated. I read a lot of these Jimmy Olsen stories and Superman is always depicted as the trickster character from Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Kinda helpful but mostly not. In 'Midas of Metropolis' Jimmy had to spend a million dollars to get a million in 24 hours. He was down to his last 10 cents, it was Sunday, and everything was closed. Superman just stood there grinning instead of telling Jimmy to put the dime in the parking meter before he gets a ticket. He got the ticket. I've had friends like this. Don't ask me what Superman is stirring in the pot but it's an appropriate image for sure.

Tony: Superman is not only just a witch doctor, but he's the local witch doctor. Hopefully, Jimmy's health care plan has witch doctor Superman in his network. Also, I'm not fully convinced that Supes successfully completed an apprenticeship to earn his degree or certificate or whatever in witch doctoring. Dude probably didn't even do a residency. Why does local witch doctor Superman need a fire when he can boil that pot with his heat vision? I can only imagine the absurd plot that unfolds in this issue.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tony Wright Interviewed for the Ninja Starship Podcast

The Day 165 Kickstarter campaign is still underway and please take some time to check out our supernatural war themed comic book which will be published by Source Point Press. We're doing everything we can to promote our campaign and Tony Wright, the co-creator of Day 165, was interviewed by Jimmy McKnight of the Ninja Starship podcast to talk about the comic and the rewards we have for our backers.

Meet Tony Doug Wright at the Gem City Comic Con

Tony Doug Wright, the creator of  Day 165 and co-author of  The Chronicles of Doctor Death , will be at the Gem City Comic Con on S...