Friday, April 20, 2012


Selection #21 - Nashville, Tennessee

Superhero drafted: Bishop

What the experts predicted: Banshee

Overview: Banshee might love country music and he was discovered in Nashville, but this city needs someone who can squash violent crime not only as a superhero but also as a detective. 

Selection #22 - Kansas City, Missouri

Superhero drafted: Storm

What our experts predicted: The Flash (Barry Allen)

Overview: Kansas City has a violent crime problem, but the city is oh-so-close to tornado alley. Let's go with Storm on this pick.

Selection #23 - Miami, Florida

Superhero drafted: Thor

What our experts predicted: Zatanna

Overview: Miami is for the beautiful people. This one is tough, so we'll give Thor the nod.  

Selection #24 - Lansing, Michigan

Superhero drafted: Cyclops

What our experts predicted: The cast of 300

Overview:  I've been to Lansing many times and I've been bored to tears every time. Cyclops is boring, but if you get him drunk, he'll help the Michigan State students set their couches on fire during riots.

Selection #25 - Elizabeth, New Jersey  

Superhero drafted: Rorschach

What our experts predicted: They lost interest

Overview: This crime ridden city is perfect for the loose cannon vigilante from The Watchmen.

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