Monday, October 8, 2018


Nine years ago, I launched Champion City Comics as a webcomics community. The goal was to assemble a talented group of people to develop original titles that would strengthen our professional portfolios. Some amazing and interesting people joined the ranks of Champion City Comics. Many left, but a few dedicated souls stuck around, and I'm still friends with those people today. Also, I'm  creating comics with some of those talented individuals, which is truly incredible.

Champion City Comics was created because I had this idea sometime in 2003 or 2004 to write comics. I emailed my cousin Joe Hammerle and we began work on a title called The Champion City Fire. It was a fun blend of crime noir and science fiction. The Champion City Fire followed time traveling vigilantes who have orders to kill a select group of criminals. Then there was the cops who investigated the murders, and there was this secret society, and crazy car salesman/prophet. This all sounded much cooler ten to twelve years ago.

The Champion City Fire was going to be a six issue mini series and our ticket to comic book fame. But life happens and the series ended up being an unfinished project by 2009, but not the last project I worked on with Joe.

I wanted people to see what I had started with Joe, and that's how I discovered the wonderful world of webcomics. There were a few people proclaiming that print was dead and digital was the future. It was easy to get your comics online and people were hungry for webcomics. That's what I heard back in the day. It's true. People don't lie on the internet, right?

October 2009 was our launch and it started with the Champion City Fire. Feel free to read our webcomic below. Have fun, and maybe I'll talk more about those crazy webcomics days.

- Tony Doug Wright
   Founder - Champion City Comics


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