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Friday, February 24, 2017

Kav and Tony Break It Down: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #98

Kav and Tony are two webcomic collaborators and lifelong comic book fans having fun reviewing titles from the Golden and Silver Age of Comics. They know these comic books were published with a young audience in mind, but they couldn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of goofy covers, ridiculous plots, silly dialogue, and pseudo-scientific shenanigans.  

Kav: Back in the 60's DC did a survey and kids chose gorillas as their favorite cover feature, so they went way overboard on the gorilla covers. They popped up everywhere. Jimmy Olsen and the science fiction titles seem to have taken the brunt of the damage. Here we see the inevitable final result of this nonsense-Jimmy being forced to marry a gorilla by a Witch Doctor Superman. Many times where there was a gorilla, a witch doctor wasn't far behind. We see Jimmy's new wife already screaming at him about something. Get used to it buddy. Of course Lucy Lane has to be present whenever Jimmy is humiliated. I read a lot of these Jimmy Olsen stories and Superman is always depicted as the trickster character from Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Kinda helpful but mostly not. In 'Midas of Metropolis' Jimmy had to spend a million dollars to get a million in 24 hours. He was down to his last 10 cents, it was Sunday, and everything was closed. Superman just stood there grinning instead of telling Jimmy to put the dime in the parking meter before he gets a ticket. He got the ticket. I've had friends like this. Don't ask me what Superman is stirring in the pot but it's an appropriate image for sure.

Tony: Superman is not only just a witch doctor, but he's the local witch doctor. Hopefully, Jimmy's health care plan has witch doctor Superman in his network. Also, I'm not fully convinced that Supes successfully completed an apprenticeship to earn his degree or certificate or whatever in witch doctoring. Dude probably didn't even do a residency. Why does local witch doctor Superman need a fire when he can boil that pot with his heat vision? I can only imagine the absurd plot that unfolds in this issue.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj found a great selection for his WTF?! comic book cover collection series. It is Strange Adventures #79, titled "Invaders From The Ice World" which was published in 1959 by DC Comics. The writer was Gardner Fox, the pencils were done by the great Carmine Infantino, and Gil Kane did the cover art.

Check out this horrible synopsis via the DC Wikia: Two Iowan boys build snowmen during an unseasonal snowfall, only to discover their creations missing the next morning. During the night, the snowmen had been possessed by energy beings from the planet Pluto and were now wreaking havoc in preparation for full-scale invasion. Darwin Jones of the DSI soon arrives on the scene and after a number of unsuccessful attempts to destroy the snowmen with heat, realizes that their paradoxical weakness is extreme cold. Earth is saved!

KAV'S THOUGHTS: Here we go with another silver age wtf cover-and just in time for the holidays! We see invaders from space who are advanced enough to build space ships but still have to wear battered old crappy hats. I have to wonder what the hell kind of evolution would ever possibly lead to critters like this.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj is our comic book guru and comic book artist. He has made a discovery regarding Jack Kirby's improper use of quotation marks. 

I've been reading Jack Kirby's bronze age DC titles where they let him write, draw, AND edit the books. That was a big mistake because Kirby's use of quotation marks was deplorable. He scattered them everywhere, in a nonsensical manner. I ignored it until now but he went to far in an issue of Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth! Kamandi is fighting some robot cops and Kirby has him thinking, "First, I'll borrow this "pseudo-cop's" pistol...". Because he put "pseudo-cops" in quotes, that means they're NOT pseudo-cops, but REAL cops which they're NOT. DC: KIRBY NEEDED AN EDITOR!!!! Yeesh.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Victor Pozzi, the artist for Uritorco, Westwood, Naira, and The Captive, has submitted this cool original piece of Batman artwork that he completed for commission at a comic con in Argentina. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Champion City Comics artist and comic book guru, Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj shared with me a photo of the cover of 1974's OMAC #1 from DC Comics. After looking at this cover all I could think was, "WTF is that?!"

OMAC stands for One-Man Army Corps and this series was developed by Jack Kirby following the cancellation of New Gods. OMAC was apparently Kirby's version of a futuristic Captain America. This #1 cover by Jack Kirby is truly bizarre because we see OMAC throwing a woman in a box who appears to be in pieces or bent in an odd way while partially submerged in water. I know the purpose of covers is to sell the comic book, but this is not one of Kirby's best in my opinion.

Click to enlarge

Monday, November 4, 2013


Joseph Haemmerle is the artist for The Champion City Fire and The Red Devil. He recently finished this incredible Batman drawing, which he wanted to share with the faithful followers at Champion City Comics. I'm a huge Batman fan and this is a great view of Batman descending from Wayne Tower into Gotham. Enjoy.

If you are interested in owning any of Joe's art then contact him at .

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Base Basvic is a friend of Champion City Comics and he has submitted some cool artwork to us in the past. Today, I want to share with you his drawings of Bane, one of my favorite Batman villains because Bane broke Batman's back in Batman #497. Enjoy.

Monday, September 30, 2013


Kav & Tony Break It Down is nothing more than two lifelong comic book fans having fun reviewing the comics of the Golden and Silver Age of Comics. We know these comics were published with a young audience in mind, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of some ridiculous plots, silly dialogue, and scientific shenanigans. 

Kav & Tony have returned after a long absence. We are going to take a few absolutely insane pages from vintage comics and review them panel by panel. Kav sent me two pages from The Flash #190 titled "Super-Speed Agent of The Flash". This comic was released in 1969 by DC Comics, the writer was John Broome, the pencils were done by Ross Andru, and the inks were done by Mike Esposito.

OK, let's take a look at pages 6 and 10 from this issue. Go ahead and read the page first by clicking on it and then check out our panel by panel breakdowns.



Panel 1 

KAV: Barry Allen/The Flash has broken his leg falling from a tornado. How it is possible for a guy who can travel at the speed of light to be thrust onto the ground without being able to react in time is a mystery. He uses "TV and radio parts" to build his elaborate apparatus. See, no matter what you need to build, all the parts will be available in a TV or radio set.

TONY: This reminds me of a Grant Morrison and Mark Millar run for The Flash where he has TWO broken legs, but that's all I remember from the run because it was one of those stories where I had to flip ahead because it was boring as hell. Barry looks very busy with his eye loupe while making a bunch of junky gadgets for Lord knows what. I've seen more quality stuff from an Erector Set.

Panel 2 

KAV: Barry explains his cockamamie plan to his wife, Iris, who is trying to keep up...with THE FLASH.

TONY: Barry's a real bossy pants and is also under suspicion for treating Iris like a sweatshop employee. Why is Iris doing all of this work? Barry could have stitched up the suit and built his junky electronic equipment in no time. Oh wait, I forgot that sewing is a woman's job. Way to be sexist, DC. "What's wrong with being sexy?" Get out of here, Spinal Tap quote!

Panel 3

KAV: Barry says, “We'll find out if your husband is an inventor or not” reminds me of Jimmy Olsen when he said, “I'm no military genius...or am I?" His suit is apparently now made of some airtight plastic, which is sweat city, and apparently even though Iris used a needle to sew up the mouth area, air cannot escape out the needle holes. WTF is “energized air”????

TONY: This is a typical Golden and Silver Age panel where someone defies the laws of physics and develops something totally idiotic. I love Barry's confidence in this panel because he believes that Iris' costume will fall from his hands and fill up with some bizarro energy. Also, would it have been a hassle to call Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Hawkman, or Wonder Woman to help out a fellow Justice League member who is injured? Sheesh!

Panel 4

KAV: So now The Flash's suit is an “automaton” just because he stuck some TRANSISTORS in it. No motors, no nothing, just TRANSISTORS with advanced voice recognition software not even available today. Hmmm...

TONY: Did Barry build the microphone from his TV and radio parts or did he just have a microphone in the house that wasn't being used? How convenient. It's funny that Golden and Silver Age superheroes can create these ridiculous items for themselves, but can't find a way to build something that feeds starving people or provides fresh water to some third world country. It's all about you, Barry. Why don't we just call you Dr. Dickenstein?

Panel 5

KAV:  Do I need to say anything about this panel???

TONY: Barry the Genius should have used his TV and radio parts to place a small camera into the suit so he could sit at home and watch the energized air Flash walk around town. He will need to follow that thing around because he has to tell it to walk straight, or turn right, or go left. Way to make things more complicated than they should be, Barry. I still see parts on that table, mister. You could have used those parts and made something else for your crazy little project.

PAGE 10:


Panel 1

KAV: OK, a balloon that kicks someone would not hurt at ALL!

TONY: Two dudes with guns are losing to faulty science suit Flash?! Don't let the NRA see this panel. Also, this Flash understands the command for, "Whirl! Right! Kick!". Give me a break. Kav's right about this substitute Flash being a balloon, which reminds me of those toys you could buy back in the day that was an inflatable punching bag. Barry should rub his Flash creation on his sweater and create some sort of crazy static cling electrical storm to take out those two bad guys for good.

Panel 2

KAV:  The absurdity of Barry Allen hiding in an alley in a wheelchair vibrating into invisibility, but still able to talk normally while he orders his balloon costume around to fight just hit me.

TONY: There's always an alley to hide in or to fight in when you are in the comic book universe. If I were the chief of police, I'd have cops strategically placed in alleys to combat crime. I'd put Superman, Batman, The Flash, Daredevil, and a whole bunch of other crime fighters out of business.

Panel 3

KAV: Yeah thugs use metaphors like “dancing phantom” while shooting at people all the time. Are these thugs or Harvard lit professors???

TONY: The dude with the gun is not even trying. He is losing to a balloon. I wonder if he understands he is fighting a balloon. Do these guys realize that the fake Flash does not have a MOUTH or EYES? #stupid

Panel 4

KAV: Oh no! The 'energized air' is escaping. I'll spare you the next page where the deflating costume is still able to stagger away somehow, plus there is a scene where a flat deflated COSTUME lies on the ground and the thugs say, "We got him now". Apparently they are unable to distinguish between a prone human being and a COMPLETELY FLAT EMPTY COSTUME.

TONY: Old school comics can't give criminals any credit. It had to be a stray bullet that took down faulty science Flash. Boo on you, DC. If the balloon version of the Flash could kick people in the face, then how could a bullet pop the costume? Wouldn't the costume have popped when it tried kicking the bad guy in the head?

Folks, that's all Kav & Tony could take with The Flash #190. We'll be back soon with another comic book to review!

Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj is a comic book artist, a comic book writer, and a comic book guru. His works include Doctor Death vs The Vampire and Rapid City.

Tony Wright is a comic book writer and the owner of Champion City Comics. His works include The Red Devil, Day 165, and Dr Death vs The Zombie

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Champion City Comics artist and Superman fan Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj recently submitted an original Superman design. I really like his version of Supes sans the cape and the stars on the suit is a nice touch. If you'd like to purchase any original artwork from Kav then contact him at .


Thursday, January 17, 2013


Resident artist and comic book guru, Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj, decided to re-draw two pages from the 1971 comic book Action Comics #403. Titled 'Attack of the Micro-Murderer', Superman's body is attacked by a strange being named Zohtt.

Kav redesigned two pages from Action Comics #403 and here are the results.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj loves to send me covers of comics to post at Champion City Comics, and a few weeks ago he sent me Action Comics #101 which shows Superman holding a camera while an atomic bomb blast rocks some unknown location. According to Kav, this was the first comic book depiction of an atomic bomb blast. Released October, 1946, this cover ushers in readers to the atomic age. Enjoy.


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ok let's talk about some absurd superhero costumes. We are supposed to believe that Superman is unidentifiable because he wears glasses, and Green Lantern as well because he has on an eye mask. Supergirl wore a wig, so does this mean that if Superman had a band aid on his face he would be unrecognizable?

'Hello Lois.'

'Who are you???'

'I'm sorry-let me take off this band aid'.

'Oh! Superman! I didn't recognize you with that band aid!'

People in the comics world seem to be suffering from some kind of facial recognition brain disorder. The worst is Wonder Woman. She looks the exact same as Diana Prince but no one knows she's Wonder Woman? WTF?

A really absurd costume is Yellow Jacket's:

 Why someone would block his peripheral vision with a getup like that and go fight crime is a mystery.

Another absurdity is why superhero chicks find it necessary to stick out their butt when they fight. The men don't do that.



What if the guys had to dress like this:


Here's another one-imagine trying to fight in a getup like Spawn's:


Do I have to explain why this would be self-defeating? Yeah, I'm gonna go fight crime and wear an elaborate opera getup. It would be difficult to just sit down in something like this much less fight. Criminy.

What about Arsenal:


Dude has a metal arm, which should weigh a ton even if it's made out of the lightest strong metal titanium-wouldn't he get scoliosis from something like this pulling on one side of his spine???

And how does the THING even go to the bathroom? Does someone help him wipe? Cause....



A. Kaviraj is an artist and writer at Champion City Comics. His works include Dr Death vs The Vampire, Doctor Death vs The Zombie, Rapid City #2, and The End of Paradise.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Our resident artist and comics guru, A. Kaviraj, likes to send me comic book covers for posting. Last week he sent me Detective Comics #371 from 1968 which features Batman fighting a group of thugs while Batgirl faces a major problem of her own. I think it is good to post this cover because Gail Simone, the writer of Batgirl, was recently notified via e-mail that she was no longer working on the title. Ouch!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Our resident artist and comic book guru, A. 'Kav' Kaviraj, sends me images of comic book covers for posting, and his most recent selection is the 1964 release Jimmy Olsen #79. Titled 'The Red-Headed Beatle of 1000 BC', we see Jimmy playing some sort of horn to a crowd of Dorthy Hamill clones. Awesome.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Joseph Haemmerle is the artist for The Champion City Fire and he also provided artwork for The Red Devil. He has submitted for our faithful followers a drawing of Batman from The New 52. I like this drawing of The Dark Knight because it appears that he has just landed somewhere and he's about to do battle with some bad guys in Gotham. Fantastic.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


These are the many costumes of Superman. Let's take a look at the boy in blue during good times and bad.

I have been a Superman fan for as long as I can remember, and if there’s one thing I know in the comic world, it’s Superman. Through the years people have tried to change Superman's appearance. There’s the first incarnation of Superman, shown holding a car in the incredibly valued, (This comic sold for 2.16 Million) Issue #1 of Action Comics.

 The costumes have ranged from the red and blue electrical version, to the black and silver version, to the Multiverse version, etc. Slight tweaks have happened here and there, but the most notable was the shift from the shield design to the new diamond design. Also, the location of the cape has changed as it has gone from the neck, to the shoulders and dipping down his back. Superman has had multiple variations of colors and designs from a multitude of amazing artists, and multiple interpretations in an attempt to remake a simple design that has endeared because of the “Less is more” principle. In this first review of a series, I’d like to take the time to go through some of my favorite incarnations, as well as some of the most ridiculous.

The Boy Scout.

This is the costume that everyone knows and recognizes. This suit has been around for as long as I can remember. In my opinion the best reason this suit has endured for so long is because it is simple. For years people have associated capes with superheros, and it is unlikely you will find a kid who has not slapped on a bath towel around his neck and lept off the back of couches emulating the man of steel. I still do it and I regret nothing.

There will always be downsides regardless of how successful a concept is, and this suit has it’s share, of course the biggest fault, though minor in my humble opinion has been the underwear over the leotards. I can't fault people for this annoyance, but I understand it.

It only makes sense to have his underwear over his leotards because of my theory on childhood innocence. They couldn’t just draw a naked superman with underwear and a cape, it just wouldn’t work, but that’s not to say that kids don’t remember doing it in their youth. I’m not sure Freud could properly explain the need for having underwear on over your pants.

Nothing says awesome like a person who wears a cape. Superman has had a cape for almost as long as he’s had a cowlick on his head, and while the cape has never been as obnoxious as Spawns cape, it has been a cornerstone in the entire outfit. The costume just cannot work without the cape. In the New 52, Superman's cape has become something much more than a mere blanket that kept baby Kal comfy on his long ride to Earth. It’s also been the first thing to get messed up whenever Superman gets in a real fight. This has been explained prior to the New 52, as an thin aura that surrounds Superman, acting like a forcefield. This is why you always see his leotards more intact than his cape. The tattered ends of his cape do no share the same aura.

The one thing I really liked about this Superman was his empathy. This Superman showed the greatest qualities of humanity.. His strong sense of right and wrong, unyielding conviction, and the strength to make a difference. One of the most profound scenarios I saw Superman in was when he was talking to a preacher in the Brian Azzarello, and Jim Lee arc “For Tomorrow.”

The scene is a preacher speaking with Superman, who is noticeably looking down at him from the air, a visual highlighting Superman’s god-like status. The preacher asks Superman why with his powers, and intelligence why he will not cure cancer, a terminal diagnosis which the preacher has been diagnosed. Superman’s answer was melancholic. He wouldn’t do it because then people would think he was God.

To me, this adds a depth that the New 52 Superman is incredibly far from achieving.

In conclusion, this iconic costume has always been the failsafe DC Comics has used everytime their attempts to reincarnate it have failed. If the new 52 costume doesn’t cut it, I won’t be surprised at all to see him back in the 'Old Blue' suit again.

The New 52

With the introduction of the New 52, which for the record is NOT a relaunch, we see an all new, up-to-date version of the iconic costume. The underwear has been removed, the belt has been replaced, and the costume has a more up-to-date feel. As a fan, I can say that I am very pleased with the suit.

It’s got a popped collar, better cuffs, nice boots, and it’s composed of a highly advanced Kryptonian nano armor. This armor can vanish when he needs it too, and appear when he needs it too. It’s pretty cool. The cape has been given a revamp, even though this title is not a relaunch, it’s like it’s a brand new cape. In the relaunch (not a relaunch) of Action Comics, in the New 52, we see that his cape is bulletproof, something he uses to his advantage as he still comes into his powers. I like that they given the same attributes to his costume that they have given to him. His cape would be nothing special under the influence of a red sun. Since he’s here on Earth, the fabric of his cape is somehow transformed under the rays of a yellow sun. This also give credit to his costume rarely seeing damage. So in those issues where we actually see damage done to Superman’s cape, it’s an obvious tell that whoever he’s up against is formidable.

When I read about the cape having similar mutations under the yellow sun, I wondered why they had never done that before. To me, it just made sense. Battle ready, and always scowling, this is a different Superman. His persona is meant to show a more alien aspect of him, something to really separate him from the “human” qualities the Boy Scout Superman showed. This new persona is less rational, he shows a temper. His attitude is more hardened, and black and white, as well a degree of arrogance. I believe this opens him up for multiple stories I hope to see exploited in the future.

When he’s not dressed up as Clark Kent, this Superman is a little more rough around the edges, tends to not take any crap, and I applaud the creative talents behind this revamping of one of my favorite hero’s.

An opportunity to really delve into the depths of this Superman has yet to really be revealed. It will be interesting to see where DC decides to go with Superman now that they have been able to virtually start over with him. I feel that with someone like Geoff Johns at the helm of the entire creative process of DC right now, we will not be disappointed.

Bret Kinsey is a contributing writer at Champion City Comics. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Ryan Cairns has submitted another original piece of artwork to Champion City Comics and it is Wonder Woman. Ryan has submitted a really cool original piece and a great Swamp Thing piece. He's available for commissions and can be contacted .


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A. 'Kav' Kaviraj likes to send me silly or cool comic book covers for me to post at Champion City Comics. Kav emailed me the cover of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #88 where we see Jimmy playing an oddly shaped guitar or bass while Superman dances like a twit. What's up with the guy on drums? Is that a drum set? Where did he get such a god awful percussion set? I have too many questions with this cover, but I am slightly interested to read this issue to see the infamous Krypton Crawl.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Champion City Comics artist, Victor Pozzi, asked readers what comic book characters you wanted him to draw and the end result was a tie between Captain America and Batman. Every week, we will ask readers what they want a Champion City Comics artist to draw and the poll will be placed on the right side of the page.

Here are Victor Pozzi's drawings of Captain America and Batman. I've added some comments and feel free to share your comments in the comments section. Enjoy! 

I like Victor's drawing of Captain America because he gave Cap a pistol. A great superhero needs a good offense and a good defense to be successful. I'm not saying that Cap has to be the Punisher and put a bullet in everyone's head, but sometimes a superhero has to show his enemies that he or she means business. Captain America is a soldier not a pacifist.

I like how Batman is slightly turned with a "You got a problem?" look on his face. Fantastic.

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