Thursday, September 29, 2011


Writer: Judd Winick

Artist: Guillem March

Judd Winick (Batman, Outsiders) and Guillem March (Gotham City Sirens) team up to bring you the sexiest woman in all of comics; Catwoman! Just looking at the cover makes me drool a little, and I have to remind myself that it’s just two-dimensional art. This title certainly earns it’s “T+” rating (as in, don’t buy this for your kid or you’ll be answering many uncomfortable questions).

The first three pages are basically boobs-in-your-face, as Selina struggles to gather her belongings and pull her catsuit on. Some thugs bust through the door and she ducks out the window, dodging gunfire. These thugs really don’t get much explanation, other than the possibility Catwoman probably stole something from them and pissed them off. This might be explained further in another issue, but they get little face time in this first issue.  After they blow her place up, she looks back. I’ll say this much, she’s not the prettiest comic book woman, but her facial expressions are great and her face has a lot of character in it (props on the art for this, I really like it).

Selina goes to a friend to find a new place to live and to look for some work in the world of crime that might make her a little money. She takes a job where she imitates a bartender and sees a Russian mafia member which leads to a flashback. This is kind of a strange scene, where we see a girl get killed as another girl (presumably a young Selina) watches. It’s not really explained as much as you just see it, but she recognizes the guy as the murderer from the flashback. She goes after him to get revenge, but she gets noticed. She quickly changes into the catsuit and busts out with lots of high-flying, ass-kicking awesomness. She gets back to her new pad and finds Batman waiting for her. They uh… You know… Uh… Oh, just read it and hide it from your kids.

Also, Time Hoodie's still appearing in every New 52. Have you been able to find her? It’s like the Where’s Waldo of comics!

Michael Newton is a contributing writer at Champion City Comics. 

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