Friday, August 3, 2012


The End of Paradise

Writer: TonyDoug Wright

Pencils, Inks, and Lettering: A. 'Kav' Kaviraj

Synopsis: Nick Hamilton, a former small-time criminal, is on a serious revenge mission to kill Frankie Paradise, a notorious mob boss responsible for the death of an innocent man and his family. Joining Nick on his mission is Marshall Jackson, a weapons dealer, and The Kid, a teenage prophet and gun for hire. Nick, Marshall, and The Kid must take out Paradise's henchmen in order to get to their main target, Frankie Paradise.

Webcomicography is a weekly article from Champion City Comics that goes behind the scenes of our webcomics to give you the complete story. This week we are starting part two of our series for The End of Paradise, a crime noir tale of revenge. Did you miss part one and two of the story? Click here to read part one, click here to read part two, and click here to read part three.

Pages one to ten established our two main characters: Nick Hamilton and Marshall Jackson. Nick was able to get some weapons and a car from Marshall to go after Frankie Paradise, and now we are on to page eleven. Take a look at the page below. 


A comic book does not always need dialogue and I always do my best as a writer to have at least one page in a comic that is free of dialogue. I was, and still am, very pleased with the four panels completed by Kav. Kav does not like to look back on his art because he thinks it is not good, but I disagree. So what's going on with this page? Nick's staying in a trailer and we see him pull his gun on someone. Who is it? Check out page twelve below. 


Pee Wee and Stonewall are dead. Ain't that a bitch. Looking back, I'm disappointed we never had the chance to see those two characters in action, but if I ever do a prequel for this story then expect some good times with Pee Wee and Stonewall. The purpose of page twelve is to show Marshall's motivation to join Nick on his mission to take out Paradise. Now let's review page thirteen below.


Nick's hesitant to believe that Pee Wee and Stonewall were killed by Paradise's goons, but Marshall has proof with a poker chip and Bird's drivers license. I decided that Frankie Paradise was going to own a casino in Atlantic City and Kav was excited about developing the poker chip for Paradise's casino. This killing is the work of a character that is about to be revealed in some upcoming pages. I won't say anything else right now, but stick around.


I decided to give Marshall a couple of pages to convince Nick to let him join the mission. Nick and Marshall have a history, so Nick would not be 100% opposed to having another gun joining him on the trip. In the last panel you will see a sign for New Ravenwood, Ohio. Initially, Kav had designed a sign with a mountain logo and I had to break the news to him that Ohio does not have any mountains. Kav asked if wheat would be OK and I told him that there is wheat in Ohio.

Nick and Marshall are off together to get Sato Akio, Paradise's right hand man. They will take out Akio's guards and try to get Paradise's hiding location out of Akio. Nick discloses that he needs to make a detour and we'll discuss that with the upcoming Webcomicography articles. 

I'll see you next week.

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. His webcomics include Dr Death vs The Zombie, The End of Paradise, The Red Devil, and Day 165.

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