Saturday, August 20, 2011


I had no idea what I was getting in to when I launched Champion City Comics. My knowledge of the webcomics community was pretty limited, and at the time, I was very certain that Champion City Comics was a small fish in a small pond. To my amazement, I discovered that Champion City Comics was a small fish in the ocean. The amount of webcomics I discovered was mind-boggling. After spending time reviewing the competition, I discovered that there were two camps: webcomics that were developed by serious people or communities and there were webcomics that were just awful due to the dimwitted creator or "creative" team that did a half-ass job of putting it together.

I decided to check on the serious webcomics developers because I wanted to know why they were successful. What did I discover? To keep readers interested, the webcomics were updated weekly or daily. The webcomic creators used social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to keep fans up-to-date about their webcomics. The webcomic creators added blog entries, articles, videos, etc to their sites for added information. The webcomic creators advertised at high traffic sites. At first, I resisted and decided to do it my way. That worked to an extent but I decided to do it right and get Champion City Comics on the same level as the best.

What webcomics do I consider to be the best? One of my personal favorites is Supermassive Black Hole A* (aka SMBHAX), a webcomic that is updated Monday through Friday by creator Ben Chamberlain. SMBHAX is a hard sci-fi  tale set in outer space where corporate goons, bounty hunters, and disgruntled workers clash. I've been impressed with the storyline and am a fan of black and white webcomics. I've discovered that there is a deep hatred with some readers regarding black and white webcomics, but haters gonna hate. Not only is this a very cool webcomic, but Chamberlain was able to create episodes that turns the experience into a motion comic. I've embedded the first and second episodes for you to watch. Enjoy!

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