Saturday, January 28, 2012


Welcome to the Champion City Comics Trailer Park. Every Saturday we will review a trailer of interest and give our take on the good and the bad.

This week, we are reviewing Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D trailer. WARNING: this will not be nice, so overly sensitive fanboys should avoid further reading.  

Directed by George Lucas (The Executive Producer of Howard the Duck)

Starring: The one kid, the chick from the movie with that French dude who was a hitman and was trying to kill Gary Oldman's crazy ass, the one guy that cusses like crazy in that Tarantino film with one of the Sweathogs, the dude that was a heroin addict in that Scottish film that needed subtitles, and the dude that played Darkman. 

The Good: I got nothing.

The Bad: Remember when you were all excited about this movie after watching the trailer for the first time at your friend's place because they had a cable modem? Remember how you called in sick to work to go see the movie even though your boss knew you were lying? Remember how your mom spent two hours applying your Darth Maul face paint? Remember how you spent an eternity waiting in the line at the theater to get your ticket? Remember how you felt when you finally had the ticket in your hand? Remember how you felt when the movie started and you saw, 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' on the big screen? Remember how you felt when you read that trade federation nonsense scrolling on the screen? Remember how you felt when you saw Jar Jar Binks on screen? Remember the conflicted feelings you had when the movie ended? Remember walking out of the theater and hearing that one guy in the parking lot saying, "Wow, that totally sucked"? Remember all of that? Why go through all of that again? Don't! Just because this movie is in 3D does not hide the fact that this movie is awful. AWFUL! Hold on to your money and wait until A New Hope comes out in 3D. 

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