Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We have some webcomic updates for today and our first update is for The Red Devil.

Click here to read The Red Devil at Drunk Duck


Writer: TonyDoug Wright

Pencils, Ink, Color, and Lettering: Erik Roman & Joe Haemmerle

Synopsis: Dublin O'Darby (The Red Devil) is an international crime-fighter who works for Sebastian Coronado, the director of an organization dedicated to combating cartels of evil. Joining The Red Devil is teenage sidekick Charlotte Murphy (Kid Diablo). In the exciting first issue, Red Devil and Kid Diablo track down a dangerous ninja, Silent Noise, who has stolen a mysterious ring which once belonged to a diabolical group of demon worshipers known as the Order of Methalius.

Check out our latest panel where Red Devil and Kid Diablo scan they mysterious ring.

Click to enlarge

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