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 Welcome to part three of the 2012 Superhero Draft. I love comics and the NFL draft, so I decided to combine the two by choosing a hero to defend the most dangerous cities in the United States. Information was taken from the 2011 twenty-five worst cities for crime in the United States. If you missed part one then click here and if you missed part two then click here.

Remember, I am selecting a superhero than can put an end to crime in their city and can also be a major asset as their alter ego. The right person has to be drafted and all decisions are based on a variety of factors including geographical location, overall crime issues, education, specific social problems, the history of the city, and any interesting pop culture facts. Enjoy.

Selection #11 - Buffalo, New York

Superhero drafted: Professor X - Charles Xavier

What our experts predicted: Wolverine

Overview: Buffalo's major industries are health care and education, and since his Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is located in the southeastern portion of the state, then it is not a major reach for Buffalo. Not only do they get Xavier, but they will have the assistance of the X-Men as well. This is a win-win for Buffalo, a city that has 21 murders per 100,000 which is triple the national average. The experts thought this would be the kind of cold and snowy town for a hero like Wolverine to patrol, but Buffalo is a family friendly city, so it is not the gloomy kind of place for Wolverine.     

Selection #12 - Springfield, Massachusetts

Superhero drafted: Green Arrow

What our experts predicted: Deadpool

Overview: The home of the Springfield Rifle and Springfield Armory would have been perfect for The Punisher, but Stockton took him to battle a community plagued by drug cartel violence. Springfield is a city with an interesting history that includes Shay's Rebellion and John Brown, so this town is the right fit for Green Arrow. The experts felt that this was a good spot for Deadpool, but a city with a liberal history like Springfield needs a left wing kind of hero. Green Arrow is your guy.

Selection #13 - Cleveland, Ohio

 Superhero drafted: The Incredible Hulk

What our experts predicted: Galactus eats the city and puts Cleveland out of its misery

Overview: When this, and this, and this, and this happens then HULK SMASH!

Selection #14 - Hartford, Connecticut

Superhero drafted: Doctor Strange

What our experts predicted: Cyclops

Overview: Hartford is a city for insurance companies and is also known as the Knowledge Corridor. This city is looking for a hero who won't be a major insurance liability and Doctor Strange seems to be the right fit for this community. Hartford does have double the national average for murders and the experts felt someone like Cyclops could serve as an excellent hero for the city. However, a guy like Dr. Strange could teleport all the bad apples to another dimension.

Selection #15 - Washington, D.C.  

Superhero drafted: Iron Man

What our experts predicted: Iron Man

Overview: Wow, the experts and I are on the same page. With Baltimore taking Captain America then it makes sense to have Iron Man protecting Washington, D.C.. Add Tony Stark and Stark Industries to the mix and the nation's capital is in secure hands.

Tomorrow we will have selections #16 to #20!!!

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. His webcomics include Dr Death vs The Zombie, The Red Devil , and Day 165.

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