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Webcomicography is a weekly article from Champion City Comics that goes behind the scenes of our webcomics to give you the complete story. The Champion City Fire is the first title we published and is the first to be examined in this series. If you missed part one then click here to read, click here to read part two, and click here to read part three.

Let's jump right in and read page nine posted below.

The Denny O'Shea crime scene was something that detectives Savinni and Foley did not expect because the murder took place in skid row, an area known for a high number of vagrant deaths. They were expecting some no-name bum and they could just send the body somewhere to be cremated because nobody would report the victim missing. Savinni and Foley are gathering evidence for the crime lab, but Foley makes an interesting discovery. A capsule is in O'Shea's mouth and that is going to be a major breakthrough for the detectives. I've been working on this comic for eight years, and I just discovered that Foley is not wearing any kind of gloves while retrieving the capsule from O'Shea's mouth. That's my bad for not writing that into the panel description, but readers can be forgiving when it comes to entertainment. Despite that slight oversight, I am very pleased at the pacing of this first issue. I really am happy that the pages move along and the story develops nicely.

Let's now examine page ten.


The capsule contained a piece of paper which shows the mark of The Disruptors. Savinni is rather pleased while Foley is rather puzzled. The idea I had for The Disruptors and The Travelers was for them to use a simple method of marking the criminals they have eliminated. I thought a capsule in the mouth that contained a paper featuring a unique symbol would do the trick.

Let's examine page eleven.


This is one of those pages designed to give the reader some insight into the plot via a conversation that seems natural rather than unnecessary. Savinni explains to Foley that New Ravenwood fell victim to a bunch of murders that were never solved. The cold case unit would be very interested in the O'Shea scene because it is linked to the other murders. I never fully investigated the procedures of handing a case over to a cold case unit, but I decided to give it the Hollywood treatment. This was not going to be the last page featuring Savinni and Foley. Those two would be featured in the remainder of the story.

Let's examine page twelve.


Say hello to Detective Andrea Hammer, one of our main characters. She is partnered with Detective Johnny Magnum, a detective that was involved with the original murders involving The Travelers and The Disruptors. Both Magnum and Hammer know that the Travelers and Disruptors are time traveling killers, but both have kept that a secret in their investigation because who really wants to tell their supervisor that gun-wielding time travelers are killing people.

I am sad to say that this is where the story ends in regards to artwork. Joe and I worked hard on making this story a reality. This was the first webcomic I ever posted at Champion City Comics, and I have decided to keep it posted on the site because we just can't delete the webcomic that put us on the map. So why did The Champion City Fire come to an end? Joe was busy with some projects and we agreed to put this project on hold. We still talk about The Champion City Fire from time to time, and maybe we will resurrect this story in the future. The good news is that Joe and I still work on projects like The Red Devil and Doctor Death vs The Zombie

The good news is that Webcomicography is not over. Oh no. Next week is the beginning of our Webcomicography series where we examine The End of Paradise, a crime noir tale. 

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. His webcomics include Dr Death vs The Zombie, The End of Paradise, The Red Devil, and Day 165.

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