Monday, December 17, 2012


The Amazing Mister X is an anthology of stories inspired by the 1940s superhero. Darrin O'Toole and our very own A. Kaviraj and Magnus won second prize for a competition that resulted in this anthology. The Amazing Mister X is getting some good press and Down The Tubes has a great review. 

Here is an excerpt: The book then goes on to publish the strip by the Dundee Comics Prize winner, Steve Marchant, which Chris says "undercuts the tome of the usual superhero story with a playful satire on the mythology of the superhero". Personally I prefer the Darren O'Toole written and A Kaviraj illustrated runner-up strip (above) which sets the scene for a potential ongoing series that the actual winner did not, while the other runner-up, Gavin Boyle, presents an amusing Scottish themed tongue-in-cheek version of the character. A further 11 stories from the competition cover a multitude of styles and ideas, some rather more interesting than others, giving a total of 14 new strips with the character, echoing the original number of 1940s episodes.

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