Monday, May 6, 2013


I want our faithful followers to know that I'm switching things up a bit at Champion City Comics. We will still post webcomics to our site, but we will have some new features you'll enjoy. I'm also bringing back a couple of features that have been successful in the past, but were put aside due to other commitments. I'll have more news on that later this week. 

What's with the changes? 

Over the past four years, I have watched Champion City Comics develop as a webcomics community. Our website has been a great place to discover some great webcomics, and I am proud of that work. Fans will come here to check out our webcomics, but I've tried other features to bring in readers.

Like what?

We had comic book reviews, a song of the day feature, DVD reviews, movie trailer reviews, and tips for artists. Some were wildly popular and others were not popular with our readers. Our webcomic production was moving quickly when we had those features, so I chose webcomics over articles.

The webcomic well has run dry?

No. We still have some webcomics in production, but bringing back certain articles is a nice touch. Daily traffic has picked up and I've decided to make some more changes at Champion City Comics. 

What can we expect? 

I'd like to have comic book reviews, movie reviews, various articles, DVD reviews, and movie trailer reviews brought back to the Champion City mix. I would also love to do a podcast, but I do not have the equipment or time for that project. I'm hoping to have an article about vintage toys and maybe have some articles about classic cartoons.

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