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When you are working on your comic book or webcomic script, make sure that all of the characters you develop serve a purpose for the story. Your characters must move the plot forward and keep the story on track. I've read one too many comic books and webcomics that feature characters that serve no purpose whatsoever in the story. If you want a radioactive gorilla in your story then find a very good reason to have it in your story. It sounds cool, but I want to believe that it is necessary to have a radioactive gorilla.

Let's take a look at pages one and two from Dr. Death vs The Zombie below:

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Our main character, Dr. Death, is in a convenience store trying to buy some beer, but they are out of his brand. This was not the first time they were out of his beer, so he decides to go to the counter and complain. This will not be an easy task because there is an unhappy customer at the counter yelling at the clerk because her credit card was declined. While Dr. Death is in line, his powers pick up the adrenaline rush of a bad guy that has just entered the store.

If the beer was in stock and the counter was not occupied by a bitchy customer then Dr. Death may have missed his chance at encountering the bad guy. Dr. Death is my main character, but the others moved the plot forward for the reader. As a writer, it doesn't hurt to think about having these characters appear again in the story as long as it moves the plot forward. Maybe I want the bitchy lady to show up once more and have Dr. Death think, "Oh no! Not this lady again." I know some of you are thinking I should have her eaten by the radioactive gorilla. It wouldn't work, but now you've inspired me to write Dr. Death vs The Radioactive Gorilla. 

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. Read his webcomics The Red Devil and Day 165 because they're awesome. 

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