Monday, July 8, 2013


My wife is a big fan of home decor blogs. She will usually show me images from those sites because they will use a paint color in a room that sparks a painting vision in my wife's head. A few weeks ago she showed me a blog that featured a picture of a paint color that she wanted to use in our kitchen. As I looked at the blog I noticed the author had posted a message that stated she was quitting the blogging game because nobody read her blog and nobody commented. Big mistake.

A good way to lose readers is to complain about nobody reading your blog. When I was a disc jockey for a college radio station, there was a sign posted that read, "DO NOT COMPLAIN ON AIR ABOUT THE FACT THAT NOBODY IS LISTENING. THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE LISTENING THAN YOU REALIZE." I spent a summer at that station and these three guys would call in with requests. There were moments where I felt like I was doing all of this work for three people. I did follow the rules as stated on the sign and didn't complain on air. A few months after finishing the show, some people I knew would tell me, "Hey! I heard you on the radio over the summer." People were listening to me on the radio. People are reading your blog, so don't complain.

Just because you start a blog doesn't mean you're going to get a million hits in one day. I'm under the impression that rookie bloggers believe a large number of people will magically find their blog.

You need to get the word out about your blog and you need to connect with other bloggers who blog on the same topic. Champion City Comics is one of many blogs dedicated to webcomics and it has taken me four years to develop a steady readership. I've created professional relationships with other bloggers who have given me some valuable advice. Most importantly, you have to be consistent with your blog. You can post every day or once a week.

When you post that you're shutting down the blog because nobody is reading then you have pretty much enraged the majority of your readers and readers remember the names of blog quitters. Nobody goes to a blog to read your pity party post.

People are reading.

Tony Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics. Check out his webcomics Day 165 and The Red Devil at Tapastic. 

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