Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Last week was quite possibly the most stressful week I have had as the owner of Champion City Comics. It was more stressful than the time Scribd went from Flash to HTML5 and all of our embedded webcomics looked blurry. Anyway, last week we lost our domain name because our domain provider claimed I did not successfully update my credit card information. That was a surprise to me because it had been updated one month earlier.

Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj, my right hand man, discovered that www.championcitycomics.com no longer existed and emailed me about the situation. I checked my account and everything was properly updated regarding my credit card. Losing www.championcitycomics.com was a major blow because we lost a site built on four years of hard work which earned us 260,000 page views.

Yes, we use Blogger and could have reverted back to the www.championcitycomics.blogspot.com address, but our four years of work could be found on search engines under the www.championcitycomics.com address and not the Blogspot address. Also, I love the ease of www.championcitycomics.com as our domain name.

The problem was getting in touch with Google because they own Blogger. It seemed that Kav and me had to jump through hoop after hoop until a very helpful representative named Allan fixed our issue. It was four very stressful days, but we are back in business.

I didn't expect our fourth anniversary to be filled with such drama. Now that we are back, I want to thank our followers for sticking around. No more drama for now. I promise.

Tony Wright is the owner and head writer at Champion City Comics.

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