Monday, February 20, 2012


Bob Toben has sent Champion City Comics some single-panel comics for us to use and we are pleased to announce that we'll have Bob's comics posted three times a week.

Art & Lettering by Bob Toben

Commentary by TonyDoug Wright

This was the first comic Bob sent to me and it immediately reminded me of the problems I've had with solicitors in the past. I am willing to help out the less fortunate, but it's frustrating when someone sticks a can in my face and asks for a donation because it's a lose-lose situation. If you put money in their can then they expect double or triple the amount. If you don't put money in their can then they give you the death stare or yell at you. 

I used to live in a neighborhood where door-to-door soliciting was a major problem. My wife and I placed a NO SOLICITING sign on the door and they still knocked. When we pointed out the sign they claimed they were not soliciting but were informing people of a new business. If that's the case then put a pamphlet or a flyer in my mailbox. If you are going door-to-door then you are expecting to interact with people and solicit them for your goods and services. A good way to get rid of them is to ask for a copy of their solicitors permit required by the city, township, or county allowing them to go door-to-door.    

You know what really stinks? I haven't seen a single kid selling candy bars door-to-door lately. That's a shame. What I have noticed is that they're selling crap. One kid was selling some god-awful loaf of bread for his high school marching band, which was some questionable concoction of high fructose corn syrup and asbestos. I gave him a dollar and told him to keep the bread. I bet the kids have to sell bread because some wet blanket of a parent wrote a letter to the school board and complained about kids selling candy bars.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comics. 

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