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Interview by TonyDoug Wright

Dan Dominguez, Jim Loveall, and Joe Gressis are the creators of the zany webcomic, Celebrities! Their webcomic pokes fun at those wonderful thespians who live and play in La-La Land (aka Hollywood). They update their site weekly and I highly recommend this webcomic for fans of pop culture and offbeat humor.

Dan and Jim were kind enough to answer some questions via email. Apparently, Joe was too cool for school or locked up abroad.    

Tell the good kids at Champion City Comics a little about yourselves.

Dan: My name is Dan. Hey everyone. I was sad in middle school then funny in high school then sad in college and now I'm happy. I write a bunch of stuff. I've got a web series coming out in April on YouTube, one of their new original programming channels, where I make jokes about Gossip Girl. It's way anime, a hybrid show like Roger Rabbit live action and cartoon. Way stoked about it. I live in Los Angeles. We have a lot of air pollution. It will shave many years off my life. A lot of good restaurants out here though. I cough all the time now. I really like this little Italian place by my house. I'm going to die one day.

Jim: I'm Jim. I do the crudely drawn famous people only because Joe and Dan have blackmailed me into it. They tell me once we make 100 bucks I can go free and they will mail me the negatives.

(Joe is currently being held for ransom and is not available for this interview.)

How did the three of you come together for CELEBRITIES!?

Dan: Joe and I do projects in Hollywood, so we're powerful and we look down on others. Joe knows Jim from way back. Jim is kind. He's not like us.

Jim: I've known Joe for longer than I care to mention and he contacted me to work on this project with Dan about a year and half ago. I've always loved to do cartooning so I jumped at the chance to work with Dan and Joe on this project.

Of the three of you, who does the writing, art, color, and lettering for the webcomic?

Dan: Jim, who is very funny and talented, and if you're a woman and you're not having sex with him right now, you're making a mistake.

Jim: Um, not sure how to follow that up...Joe and Dan send me scripts and I do all the illustration and design work, with their feedback of course.

How far in advance do you have your webcomics completed?

Dan: Like the week before.

Jim: In fact I will still be drawing the comic as we are uploading it this week. I hope I don't get ink on the internet.

Bruce Willis, Nick Cage, and Matt Damon are some of your favorite celebrity targets. I've noticed that Tom Cruise is not a target. Is he too easy or are you afraid of being kidnapped by The Church of Scientology?

Dan: Tom Cruise has vaginal muscles in his mouth.

Jim: We love you, Tom! (but it's true.)

Have any celebrities commented on your work?

Dan: Dustin Hoffman has pinned my hand to the table by stabbing through it with a knife. It is something that I hope happens one day.

Jim: I think Jack Nicholson talked to me through the TV once.

Want more Celebrities!? Click here for the archive.

TonyDoug Wright is the owner and editor of Champion City Comics.

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