Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today's webcomics update is a celebration, so get the champagne ready. A. 'Kav' Kaviraj and I are pleased to announce the completion of Dr. Death vs The Zombie. This 116 page thriller is the second installment of our Doctor Death series, which took us close to one year to complete. If you're not familiar with this title and you are a fan of The Watchmen then look no further. Kav and I have something fantastic for you to check out.

Kav and I have been working together at Champion City Comics since March of 2010, and this is our first completed graphic novel. We have worked on other projects, but Dr Death vs The Zombie really took us to the next level as far as writing and art were concerned. I am really proud of our accomplishment and this is another great title we have at Champion City Comics. If you are not familiar with the rest of our titles then click here to see some awesome comics by some very talented people. I want to thank our faithful readers for supporting Champion City Comics. I want to thank Kav for doing an incredible job on this project and his input and advice has made me a better writer. I want to thank my wife, Cathie, for being very supportive and wonderful. I want to thank the Champion City Comics staff for their support of this project. I want to thank Drunk Duck, Comic Related, and The Webcomic List for their support of Champion City Comics at their respected sites. I want to thank Kurt Peterson for his wonderful color work on our cover. Finally, I want to thank Aaron Schutz, the creator of the Dr Death character, for allowing Kav and I the opportunity for developing this graphic novel.

Kav's thoughts on our accomplishment: "Well, it was late last April that Tony and I started Dr Death vs the Zombie, an original story based on the short story by Aaron Schutz titled Dr Death vs The Vampire. During that time we haggled over plot mechanics, Tony sent pages and I drew them. Also during this period I stayed busy cranking out Frater Mine #10, and Rapid City #1, 2 and 3. But now we have finished our first graphic novel together! OK we did do 140 pages of The End of Paradise-but we stopped working on that estimated 165 page book as we realized THE WHOLE THING WOULD HAVE TO BE RE-LETTERED. So we are focusing on the Dr Death world now, which frankly really turns our crank. We hope you enjoy the completed story, because if you enjoy it that means others will enjoy it and if enough people enjoy it we will get picked up by IMAGE or someone, then the story can become a movie."

Our readers should be pleased to know that we have Dr Death vs The Mastermind in development. This will be one action-packed thrill ride of a story!

Want to read the entire graphic novel or check out a few pages? Just click on the FULLSCREEN option below and enjoy! Also, you can switch the viewer to BOOK mode, but clicking on the option located in the bottom left corner.

You can also read some of Dr Death vs The Zombie at Drunk Duck. Click here to read. 
Doctor Death vs The Zombie

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