Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Comic book guru and artist, Anand 'Kav' Kaviraj shares some important information regarding the deadly air bubbles that kill people in movies, television, and comics. 

A few weeks ago I offered a tip for comic artists about drawing bullets. Today I offer one for writers-do not script the old 'air bubble in vein' as a clever means of killing. An air bubble in the vein is 100% harmless. This urban myth is so persistent even if you Google 'can an air bubble in vein kill you?' most websites stupidly claim they can, and blather on about 'air embolism'. An air embolism is a condition that arises from improper scuba diving technique, not a syringe. Ask any nurse that gives IV's or any doctor-ask a CARDIOLOGIST for god's sake if an 'air bubble' can 'explode the heart'. I myself have calmly watched a two foot long air bubble enter my vein through an IV and I was just peachy. Still don't believe me? OK Google and try to find a SINGLE PERSON who was murdered by an air bubble injected into his vein. YOU CAN'T. BECAUSE IT'S NEVER HAPPENED. BECAUSE IT CAN'T HAPPEN. This would be such an easy way to murder someone it would be used CONSTANTLY. I think this urban legend began because of the way doctors squirt out some fluid from a needle before an injection so people thought they were getting rid of 'deadly' air bubbles. Actually after the professional taps the syringe to encourage the air bubble to "float" to the top, they then push the plunger to get rid of any air bubbles, and they evacuate any extra medication in the syringe. This allows them to perfectly measure the exact volume (and the amount of drug) in the syringe that is delivered to the person. Hence the squirt! If I never accomplish anything else in my life, dispelling this stupid myth would make me very, very happy.

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  1. oh yeah an air bubble can kill you REALLY? WHO HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF GOT KILLED LIKE THAT?
    NAME ONE GUY!!!!
    how can a bubble EXPLODE THE HEART?"
    is it made out of NITROGLYCERINE or something?????
    its a f*****g BUBBLE-it would be absorbed before it even reached the heart and if it wasnt the heart would not NOTICE
    does an 'air bubble' explode a squirt gun???????


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