Friday, November 22, 2013


Florin Gradinaru is an artist from Romania and I am showcasing his work at Champion City Comics.

Florin's bio:

I have been drawing since childhood and I specialize in characters, portraits, and scenery illustration for comics, children books, games and cartoons. I enjoy creating dynamic compositions inspired by nature or fantasy.

When I was ten years old, I started studying arts with a great teacher, Gheorghe Ciuchete, at Childrens Palace in Craiova, Romania where I studied drawing the human body, portraits, compositions, still life and colouring. I attended the Art High School "Marin Sorescu" in Craiova where I studied painting and other disciplines with another great teacher Mihail Trifan and others for History of Arts, Sculpture, Perspective, etc. After that I studied Geography and English at the University of Craiova where I continued my love of drawing and painting. 

Personal blog:


  1. the woman's chin in panel 4 looks too big and manly.

  2. or maybe that's a dude...if so the eyes look too womanly.


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