Thursday, July 12, 2012


Recently, we had a poll for fans to vote on what characters they wanted A. Kaviraj, the artist for Dr. Death vs The Zombie and Dr. Death vs The Vampire, to draw. The selections were Wonder Woman, Batman, Black Widow, and Captain America. Wonder Woman won the most votes with Black Widow coming in second.

Let's take a look at his drawings for Wonder Woman and Black Widow. 

I really like this drawing by A. Kaviraj because it is not the typical warrior pose we see with many professional and fan drawings. In this drawing, we have a view of Wonder Woman from behind while fixing her hair in the mirror, which shows a very feminine and human side to the mighty Amazon.

Baby got back. I'm a fan of how A. Kaviraj gives superheroes an alternative underground look as opposed to the typical tiny waist and giant bosoms. Kaviraj goes for the realistic look and I appreciate his takes on Wonder Woman and Black Widow. 

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