Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Some of our titles at Champion City Comics are updated every Wednesday, and this week, we have updated Dr. Death vs The Zombie. Kav and I are pleased to present to you pages 59 and 60 of this 'almost a superhero' adventure in Las Vegas. You haven't read the story yet? If that's the case then you better start with Dr. Death vs. The Vampire. If you're a faithful reader then we're pleased to announce that there will be another Dr. Death story later this year. 

To view the pages please click on the images below

I am also very pleased to present the first five pages of a new project titled The Captive featuring the pencils and inks of Victor Pozzi, the artist for Westwood, Naira, and Naira 2. The Captive is based on the 1837 poem La Cautiva by Esteban Echeverria, an Argentine writer. La Cautiva is set in Western Argentina and tells of a story of Brian and Maria who are taken captive by a group of Mapuche raiders and eventually escape only to find themselves at the mercy of the land. 
Victor emailed me the proposal earlier this year and I agreed to assist on the project. We decided to stay true to the majority of the poem, but we decided to make a couple of changes to the story. This project is currently in development, but please review the pages below.

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