Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Being a frequent buyer and seller of comics on eBay, I have run across some amazing people, made connections which led to drawing projects, articles, and friendships. I even met a guy who owns a copy of Action Comics #1! He had to pay $80,000 plus trade 80 other very valuable comics for it! And, of course, I have also come across the inevitable IDIOTS.

One dude had a coverless copy of a comic titled Captain Future and he listed it as 'MINT' condition with a buy it now price of $200. WTF?? I thought-I just had to inquire about this, so I messaged the dufus, and he responded huffily that, 'The part that was there was in mint condition'. WTF?? I rebutted him with, 'Well if I have a single page of Action Comics #1 then can I list it as 'Action Comics #1-MINT condition' since the part I had was mint? He got angry. Dufuses usually get angry when you point out their dufusness, I have found. According to his logic, if you have a comic with a cover a bit worn which puts it in 'good' condition, merely rip off the cover and VOILA! MINT!

Another dude has had a listing up for years which was titled 'Spider-Man original art -Vinny Romita-Signed by Stan Lee-John Romita Jr and John Romita Sr.' Price? A mere $17,995.95. WTF? Dude thinks since Stan Lee, John Romita, Jr. and Sr. have signed it , then it must be a gold mine. Ok dude-get a grip-there are plenty of Romita/Romita/Lee autographed items on eBay-Vinny Romita-a little kid-his autograph has no value, nor does his 'original 'art'. Just pause to think for a moment-if those four signatures were worth $18,000, wouldn't those four dudes go into business and make a fortune?  He actually thinks that some day someone is gonna come along and buy this piece of crap!

Then there are the dudes that like draw a picture on a napkin and list 'original one-of-a-kind art' for like $20,000. Just some dude. Note to dude: EVERY piece of 'original art' is one-of-a-kind. That means nothing. Here's how it works-first you become famous, then your art is worth beaucoup bucks. It doesn't work the other way around.

If you frequent the collector's forums they mock the HUGE number of idiots who list their comics at WAY over valued prices in buy it now formats with no best offer listings. For example: I've seen a $200 book listed at $1200. There's all these IDIOTS on eBay hoping one day a bigger IDIOT will come along, but IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN. EVER. WHY would you spend $1200 for a comic when there are PLENTY of listings of the same comic, in the same or better condition for $150? WHY??? YOU WOULDN'T!

There was the dude who listed a 'huge lot' of TWO COMICS. I'm not s*****g you! I messaged him too and said, 'I fail to see how two comic books constitute a 'huge lot'. He replied, 'Thanks for sharing', so I replied, 'I just didn't want you to look ridiculous'. ZING. He didn't change his listing, the way a functioning human would.

EBay can be a great source of income, deals, and...AMUSEMENT.

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