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Monday, November 28, 2011


Written by:  Tony Bedard

Pencils:  Harvey Tolibao

Pencils:  Tyler Kirkham

Inks:  Matt Banning

It’s that time again Lanterns, grab your power rings, red, yellow, white, green, blue, orange, violet, indigo, and not a chance in hell for a black ring, and lets review this title that is delving far deeper into the Green Lantern universe than Chris Hanson at a NAMBLA rally.  (If you don’t get that, it’s probably best.)  You can read Mike “Simply Fabulous” Knolls issue one review here. and issue two, here

So here we have Kyle Rayner, once again being portrayed as the messianic Lantern.  Except now, every ring, except the black, has chosen him to be it’s champion. Confused, and rightfully so, Kyle becomes the object of the irrational affections of the other colored lanterns.  They are none to pleased that he has these rings and want them back, at any cost.  Back in issue two Saint Walker comes to the rescue of Kyle and aids him in escaping so he can find out why the rings have chosen him from the lovable smurf guardian Ganthet.  Everyone knows if the Green and Indigo Team up it is instantly serious business so they are able to make the getaway pretty easy at the point.  Having fled back to Oa, Kyle heads down to see Ganthet, leaving Saint Walker in orbit because Oa is a No Fly Zone for different colored lanterns.  Proving time and time again that the Guardians are not only terrorists, they are also adamant racists.  But what can you expect from nerdy immortals with short man syndrome?

Come at us, bro!
After discovering that the Guardians have lobotomized Ganthet, Kyle becomes enraged and finds himself the proud bearer of not only the green ring, but all of the rings on every finger, except for the black ring.  (This absence of the black is worrying me.)  So now we have Kyle Raynor bearing all colors and blasting out all the emotions in one raw display of power.  The best live action I can think of to describe his anger is this epic portrayal of Rampo.  The scene I’m referring to can be found at 3:48, and it is seriously worth it.

Now that you have a sense of how bad ass Kyle Raynor is you won’t be surprised at all when he faints because he can’t handle the power.


The guardians reprimand him quickly, comparing him to the power hunger of Krona, and Ganthet moves in to reclaim the ring.  At least he thought he was going to, the ring shock Ganthet and refused to be removed.  This is a sweet revelation, because while I enjoy ribbing these comic books for all I’m worth, I actually love these issues.  Not only do we get to enjoy the Lanterns, but there is another huge story coming up on the horizon that is going to concern the Lanterns.  I’m personally wondering if the Black Lanterns absence has anything to do with this relaunch, perhaps a new Blackest Night?  We all know the Black Hand is still out there fondling himself in crypts, so there’s going to be a return, and there’s no way it will be a small one.  I’m enjoying where all the Lantern issues are going, the creative talent behind all this (Geoff Johns)  is adding more and more depth to the powers that these ring bearers control, and opening up a doorway to many many more stories that I will love to sink my teeth into.  This arc alone bears some compelling ones.
Why is Kyle Raynor still acting like a wuss?  He’s like a sad version of the Thing.

It’s Clobberin....oh wait, not it’s not.

Every time he has a moment to be awesome he trips it up somehow or is unable to bear the burden.  I hate to say it, but with someone who has so much affinity to the cosmic color scheme he really is lacking.  Larfleeze finally returns and proves once again the he is the most underrated Ring bearer in the DC Universe.  His ring constructs sentient ring bearers on it’s own, while still maintain the entirety of the entire Orange Lantern Corps power with just one Bearer.  Don’t take lightly that Lex Luthor wants that ring.  That alone should solidify his significance.

The art was enjoyable, and the writing is getting better and keeping my attention.  I’m anxious to see where this goes.  I rarely give perfect scores, and this ones no exception, but I will say it’s definitely worth the read.

Verdict: 4.0 outta 5.0

Bret Kinsey is a contributing author at Champion City Comics, in his spare time he enjoys live action Pokemon.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist Doug Mahnke

Oa, The Guardian’s chambers. Ganthet, having recently been lobotomized by his fellow guardians (See my review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #2) tells his fellow guardians what he’s learned. Over his time serving in different Corps he’s learned that each army that has been created (The Mahunters and The Corps) have had the capacity for fault. That in the end, they have failed. So Ganthet decides it’s time to sanction “The Third Army”.

Meanwhile, things are finally heating up for Hal Jordan, erstwhile Green Lantern of sector 2814. Sinestro has given him a proxy ring that he can turn on and off at whim. Using that as leverage he’s sealed a deal that ensures Hal’s help in overthrowing his Corps in return for a permanent ring. Together they take off for Korugar, and when they reach it, Hal learns a few new tricks from his old mentor. Sinestro then reveals the failsafe he built into the battery, if a Green Lantern were to enter the main battery, it would automatically shut down. Sinestro instructs Hal to wait until sunset, and then once Sinestro has engaged the corpsmen, to take his lantern battery to the Central yellow battery. As they lie in wait a Korugaran woman named Arsona attacks a corpsmen, prompting Sinestro to break the plan and attack. Hal makes it to the central battery but all does not go well for him. Pick up the issue to find out the thrilling to be continued moment!

I’m really digging this story. As slow as it started in issue one, it’s beginning to pick up steam in a break-neck way. We’re seeing some insanely cool interactions between Sinestro and Hal and we’re being introduced to, what I can only assume will be pants wettingly awesome/terrifying, The Third Army.

Firstly, Hal and Sinestro are one of my favorite team-ups to date. The banter and constant one upping is really great. I won’t go into the over used, “They secretly, deep down, respect each other” angle, but there’s one line that I really like. Hal asks Sinestro why HIM? Why Hal? Sinestro says, “Because as surprising as it is to even me, I can trust you. Especially since I control the off switch on your ring.”

I’m also digging the angle that Sinestro is some kind of Ring genius. He’s doing things with his ring that we’ve never seen before and that’s just exciting to me to see what’s next.

The art by Mahnke continues to be good. There are a couple of panels in here that are really sweet, one of which is Hal socking old Sinestro right in the kisser. Otherwise, still good.

Overall I feel like Green Lantern has finally hit it’s stride. Three issues in and it’s go go go. With The Sinestro Corps still at large and alive, and the mysterious Third Army coming into being, we’ve got a lot to look forward to

5 out of 5

Michael Knoll is a contributing writer at Champion City Comics

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Writer: Tony Bedard

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

New Guardians picks up right where the last issue left off with Kyle Rayner surrounded by members of the Red, Indigo, Violet, and Sinestro Corps. And that’s not even covering all the RINGS. One from each Corps. The other lanterns, intent on killing Rayner, fight Kyle and each other to the death. Saint Walker arrives and manages to help Kyle escape and get to OA where he seeks out Ganthet for advice. Upon entering the Guardians chambers he finds that there’s something rotten on the planet OA. Meanwhile back on Earth the other lanterns have decided to team up and go after him, even though that means breaking the ban that The Guardians seem to have put on their planet. The issue ends with The Guardians attacking Kyle to seize the rings, and interrogate him. Somehow the rings make their way onto Kyle’s fingers and we are treated to a pretty awesome splash page.

One thing that I’m starting to wonder about is, what’s Kyle’s motivation in all this. Not the New Guardians, but as a Green Lantern. He tells Saint Walker that he sees Ganthet as a mentor/ father figure, but so far we haven’t really glimpsed much of Kyle’s character.

The art by Kirkham continues to be solid, and his respective splash pages are fairly impressive. The aforementioned splash page with Kyle wearing all the rings is ranked up there on my most favorite comic art.

The story is getting pretty heavy, and I’m loving it! At the outset I didn’t know what they meant by New Guardians. I’d heard that Rayner was going to be leading a team of Lanterns from each Corps, but it seems like they might be usurping The Guardians! Only time will tell.

4.5 out of 5

Michael Knoll is a contributing writer at Champion City Comics 

Friday, October 7, 2011


Writer: Tony Bedard

Pencils: Tyler Kirkman

Tony Bedard introduces us to The New 52’s Kyle Rayner, a down-and-out art student who is selected by the Guardian Ganthet to become the newest Green Lantern. Ganthet travels to Earth after rising from a pile of dead Guardians, surrounded by dead Corpsmen, on what appears to be a destroyed Oa. No explanation is given. Kyle immediately takes to the ring and begins saving the day all over Earth. The focus quickly shifts all across space as members of the Sinestro, Red Lantern, and Star Sapphire Corps’ are suddenly rejected by their rings, resulting in the deaths of all but the Star Sapphire. Back on Earth, Kyle has just saved a group of construction workers and stopped their crane from destroying the street below. All of the sudden, one of every color ring appears, offering themselves to him. They are all closely followed by members of their respective corps all threatening to kill Kyle, thinking he is behind the mysterious occurrence.

The art by Tyler Kirkman is pretty cool. It reminds me of the art in The Walking Dead, but it's colored and a sort of a muted color at that. It gives the book a really cool feel.

To be honest, I’ve been looking forward to a book like this for a long time. The various corps playing off each other with their different, and sometimes contradicting, disciplines means some awesome character interactions and development. I’m not sure about Kyle being the leader of this new group, but I’m open to it. The art is solid, and the story is promising.

5 out of 5.

Michael Knoll is a contributing writer at Champion City Comics.

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